Tungsten Worm Weight

Tungsten Worm Weight Picture

Tungsten worm weight</strong> have a hole through their center to hold the fishing line and feature for a concave bottom so that it hugs tight to the plastic when rigged. Tungsten worm weight are suitable for penetrating thick cover with a weight that is much smaller in size than the lead counterpart, and letting anglers feel the bottom contact.
<p>Lead also used for producing bullet weight, while more and more anglers find that tungsten is more ideal materials as the following advantages.</p>
<p>Tungsten worm weight are twice as loud as lead and environmentally friendly. What is more, the size of tungsten bullet weight is half smaller than lead bullet weight because the high density of the tungsten, so hard tungsten bullet weight offer a smaller profile with no loss of drop speed or bottom feel. </p>
<p>Tungsten worm weight are made with virgin high quality tungsten powder shaped using metal injection molding to reach 97% density. High density means heavier sinkers with a smaller profile.Different colors tungsten bullet weight is available.