Tungsten Bullet Weight

Tungsten Bullet Weight Picture

Tungsten Bullet Weight

Tungsten bullet weightsare one of tungsten alloy fishing pendant made by rare metal of tungsten, which is the best material alternative to lead.Tungsten bullet weight are used to increase the driving force, the anchor bait concentration and the length of they are being thrown. There are a variety of tungsten bullet weight such as tungsten worm weights, tungsten screw-in weights, tungsten flipping weights and bulk tungsten bullet weights.

Tungsten Advantages

Tungsten is an ideal, environment-friendly and the best materials alternative to lead weights, which are toxic and increasingly known as an environmental hazard. Tungsten bullet weight are smaller than conventional weights as they are extremely dense, the volume is about 30 percent smaller than lead. What is more, tungsten is harder than steel and can create twice the sound of lead weights and maintain their shape for longer. Tungsten is also used in the production of other fishing applications, such as tungsten-carbide line cutters and tungsten powder coating for fishing lines.

How to Make Tungsten Bullet Weight

MIM which is short of MetalinjectionMoldling is a forming method mixing a mental powder and additives then injection molding. For unique characteristic of MIM technology, MIM is suitable to manufacture the metal and ceramic component with the property of complex three-dimensional structure, high density, high rigidity, high precision, etc. MIM is suitable to produce the component made from extra rigid, extra-fragile, un-cuttable material or for the component which can be foundry but segregation or pollution happen during process. So, MIM technology is ideal for producing tungsten bullet weight.

Features of Tungsten Bullet Weight made by MIM

Tungsten bullet weight made by MIM has more free geometry structure, with symmetrical density within the component, precise dimension. MIM is suitable to produce complex structure, precise small component with special requirement.

Tungsten bullet weight made by MIM has stable quality, reliable performance with the relative density of 95% to 98%. It can be treated like commentates, quenching and temper, etc.

MIM has short process, high efficiency and is apt to achieve mass production of tungsten bullet weight.